May 11, 2016

Using Video Conferencing When Telecommuting or Working Remotely


We spend much of our day-to-day lives connected to our tech devices. The IT industry is constantly evolving with new technology architectures and platforms to support the demand for an increasingly digitally connected world.

Increased digital connectivity means that more and more people are telecommuting and working remotely. There’s more flexibility in telecommuters’ lives and it’s easier than ever to connect with the office without common distractions. However, the lack of face-to-face communication with your colleagues can be isolating and can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication between each member of the team.

Unified communication makes it easier than ever to telecommute. It allows you to communicate effectively with colleagues, partners and even clients. Check out these top reasons to use them when telecommuting or working remotely, especially in the IT sector.

1.    You can easily judge another participant’s reactions by assessing their body language.
Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communications when it comes to collaborating on business projects and discussing important tasks. With multimedia technology, you can easily see if the person you’re speaking with is smiling or frowning: something that you simply can’t glean from basic phone calls. When you’re able to take cues from another participant’s body language, you can tailor the conversation to your audience. You’ll see whether they seem bored, tired or excited about the project you’re discussing.

2.    Video conferencing strengthens office relationships.
Even when you’re working remotely, you can still have good relationships with your colleagues, especially if you’re communicating with them regularly via your computers. This method allows you to get to know your colleagues on a much deeper level than is rendered through a phone call, according to About Tech. People tend to reveal their personality more when they can see the person they’re speaking with. It’s much easier to collaborate with someone that you see through visuals on a regular basis than with someone you occasionally speak with over the phone. If you’re telecommuting, don’t forget to check in with your teammates on a weekly or even daily basis by talking to them over the web – in order to improve relationships with your colleagues.

3.    Video conferencing saves you time and money.
This technology saves you from the need to travel long distances in order to attend round-table discussions, and saves you the stress of travel in general, as outlined by Entrepreneur. These services will save you both time and money involved with travel, from renting hotel rooms to buying plane tickets to spending hours at airports, especially if you live far away from your main office. You can also increase your productivity by doing office-related tasks when you would otherwise be traveling. This increased productivity shows your company how valuable you are as a remote worker, leading to better performance reviews, raises in salary, as well as bonuses. Your company won’t need to pay for reserved rooms, transportation, and accommodation, all of which are associated with travel. You can still generate face time with your teammates from the comfort of your home or from your own desktop computer.

4.    Video conferencing allows you to do business anytime, anywhere.
If you need to talk to someone in a different time zone you can easily do so, through unified communications, without having to leave your home. You don’t need to worry as much about conventional office hours. It allows you more freedom as a remote employee because you’ll have the ability to carry out your responsibilities from any location, any time.

Audio video conferencing for IT from companies like Blue Jeans allows you to gather everybody together to discuss important topics, no matter what corporate sector you’re in. Such platforms help you save the precious hours and money it would take to travel for conferences. The system allows you to collaborate with colleagues and clients in remote locations and make your overall discussions more productive. Companies across the world use these tools to conduct online training and HR interviews, hold press conferences, share presentations, and hold global discussions.

This method offers easy, compatible and affordable cloud-based services for your corporate and IT needs. The platform provides high quality collaboration with easy access to anyone with an internet connection anywhere, allowing you to communicate more effectively with colleagues, friends, customers, partners, and suppliers.

The service harmonizes with almost any business or consumer endpoint, so that anyone can connect with you. You can easily schedule and host meetings from the accessible web interface by clicking a link or dialing a number. You can also share slides, trailers, or spreadsheets with all of the participants. It is cloud-based: all you need is a compatible device and you can talk with up to 100 people from anywhere in the world.

The multimedia software features multi-vendor interoperability, scalable cloud service, multi-party meetings, rich content and video sharing, secure private appointments, and customer support. Check out all of the ways this technology can benefit your IT Company today.


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