August 2, 2013

How Will Google Glass Change Social Media?


Hassan Bawab, Founder and CEO of Magic Logix

How Will Google Glass Change Social Media?

Guest post written by Hassan Bawab

There is no doubt that Social Media is taking the center stage in digital marketing. The latest but exciting entrant into the world of digital marketing and social media world is the Google Glass, which has already created a buzz all over.

While it has already been said that Google Glass won’t feature ads, it’s rather premature to lay it off in terms of promotion of digital marketing. Social media too is set to be impacted directly, especially with the integration of Facebook and Twitter into the Glass design. What marketers have been trying to pin down for years is how to present users with the right ads at the right time.

Currently, Google is set to have that power, with release of the Glass slated for 2014. It remains to be seen how Google will approach advertising but there is already a lot of speculation about it. Let’s have a look at how Google Glass will likely change the Social Media in the foreseeable future.

– The Glass will integrate location based search, but through Google of course! The nature and design of the device will seek to improve the location-based search. This is because people are on the move and there is need for convenience when someone is in an unfamiliar place. With such location-based ads in place, you are guaranteed to easily find a business you are looking for.

– Google+ local reviews will also dominate because of the introduction of Google Glass as well as other
location-based marketing strategies. The goal is to identify what is within the surroundings of the user and location-based ads will be elevated to a whole new level.

– Personalized ads are also set to take the center stage in Google Glass presumed dominance. Digital marketing will be taken to a different level when Google Glass and digital marketing are integrated. Marketing will be restructured to accommodate the new phenomenon in town as Google Glass takes over. In the recent years, digital marketing has relied considerably on Social Media.

– With the introduction of Google Glass and its incorporation of Social Media already, such marketing practices will only improve to get the most out of this technology.

– Glass also brings along a new definition of Social Media; it no longer is about being found through the already familiar online means. With Glass, a user can be found easily. However, as speaking is a lot different from writing, it would take much more to be found. This could be in the form of using long sentences rather than speaking short keywords. The advantage though is that there is a lot of ease in terms of locating people. In theoretical terms, a person within a given location could see the faces of people who like a given business. The person could also go on to command the Google Glass to locate nearby friends or tweet the location to anyone nearby.

– Social Media has been known to host a good number of online games. With the emergence of Google Glass though, the likelihood of engaging in gaming will be taken a step higher. Google Glass users, separated by long distances, will be able to choose to engage in a form of virtual game. The users can then record and stream the game real-time while comparing their scores. Games will become much more realistic to the players and offer convenience even when location is a huge barrier.

– Social Media will also be impacted directly; with real-time recording, the device will enable users to stream events real-time to other users. Consider that you are standing in front of a beautiful scene; you don’t have to look for a camera to take a picture. You can just say, “Take a picture,” and have the device take the picture. You can then prompt the device to send out the picture to a social media platform in order to share it with your friends.

– In case someone wants to capture videos of an event happening, regardless of how violent the event is, they will be able to cover it without carrying heavy machinery. They can share at that instant, allowing people to be informed. This would create a lot of possibilities for digital marketing of products too.

How Will Google Glass Change Social Media? We’ll find out soon…

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About the Author

Hassan Bawab is the Founder and CEO of Magic Logix, an interactive digital marketing agency in Dallas, TX. Upon his move from Lebanon to the United States, Hassan enrolled in the University of North Texas where he earned his B.S. in Computer Science, Technical Writing & Mathematics from the UNT College of Engineering.

Hassan furthered his education through Southern Methodist University’s graduate program and received his Graduate Marketing Certification in March 2011. Previous to Magic Logix, Hassan was the former Sr. Technical Analyst and Engineer for FedEx, where he managed the professional services while maintaining In addition to his collegiate credentials, Hassan has also obtained several certifications in HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, Google, Microsoft, and Web Standards.

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