January 19, 2015

Featured Artist: Beverly Holman


Beverly Holman, California resident and artist, has a knack for finding special bits and pieces to be used in the creation of Steampunk and Assemblage Art. A native of Chicago, now residing in Hermosa Beach, Beverly enjoyed creating art at an early age. As many artists can attest, earning a living through art sales is no easy feat. Holman settled on a career in finance. She has come full circle now, and is happily enjoying a second career focused on her creative passions: Steampunk and Assemblage Art.

Beverly shares:

“I never really thought of myself as an artist. I simply wanted to have fun putting some interesting items together. I have always loved assemblage art, although, I didn’t know it had a name. I have many friends who are artists and we are always looking for something we can put together using new techniques. A lot of times we fail but we always try and try again.”

Typically starting with a metal or wooden base, sometimes created by her husband Ron, Beverly builds up piece by piece until a finished product emerges. Using game pieces, lamp bits, old toys, jewels, clock items, or Victorian glasses, each art structure offers its own unique and special story. Here are a few of Beverly’s recent pieces:


Beverly’s work will be featured at the Artists Studio Gallery in the Rolling Hills shopping center from Saturday, February 21 (3pm) until Sunday, March 29 (7pm). Additional artists will include Joyce Welsh (water colors) and Don Crocker (recognized pleinair oil painter). On February 28th a demonstration will be held at the gallery conducted by all three artists. Each of the artists will explain some of their techniques. Beverly will be available to discuss her art and to fill orders. In the meantime, Beverly invites you to visit the Shop Beverly Holman page to view additional selling point locations.


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