January 7, 2016

10 Logo Design Trend Predictions for 2016


A Logo is a calling card of the company, so it’s very important to associate a logo with your activities. However, not only brands require a logo – it’s also needed for non-profit organizations, websites, and even such events as festivals or sport matches.

Recently, some interesting trends appeared in the design of logos. The style of many logos has become less formal, as well as the understanding of how the changed trademark should look. It is obvious that the development of Internet technology allows a more creative approach to the creation of a logo that gives designers a great opportunity to dream up and make bright catchy logos.

So do you want to hit the bull’s-eye in 2016? We’re sure you do! Let’s have a look at logo design trends that will dominate in 2016.

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Transparent Elements

Today, designers often use semi-transparent elements for creating logos. Such elements look particularly impressive on displays of various electronic devices but with the right approach these logos may be used in the printing industry. Superimposed on each other, the elements change their color – it’s so-called “aliasing” effect, which allows you to see the interaction of corresponding colors.


When creating these logos, designers usually use bright colors, making them memorable while evoking positive emotions.

Geometric Shapes

Laconic geometric shapes allow you to create simple but informative logos. Geometric shapes in logo design is a very promising direction. These logos will suit virtually any company but this solution works best when creating a logo for construction companies, architectural studios, theaters or museums.


Meaning Logos

If the designer creates a logo that combines the geometric elements with a definite meaning (e.g. concept of the brand, or any of its product characteristics) – he became a successful designer. Not all brands have a name where you can use the principle of latent concept, but if it is possible, this technique is necessary to use. This trend appeared a long time ago and it will maintain a leading role in the foreseeable future.


Watercolor Logos

Every year there are logos that don’t correspond to our ideas on how the logo should look. One of the main trends in 2016 is watercolor logos. This is not suitable for every brand, nevertheless, this trend is gaining strength and we will soon see a lot of watercolor logos.



Polygonal logos look impressive. They allow you to create a highly expressive image of the brand. Low poly graphics was used in web design to create backgrounds but many designers have found that polygons are ideal for creating logos.


Unstoppable Flat Design

Flat design has been trendy for many years. This kind of design combines aesthetics and ease of use so it’s no surprise it rules the hearts of many. In 2016 designers will explore the boundaries of creativity to breathe new life into the design of logos. In 2016, flat icons will come along with various illustrations and fonts, allowing logos to look as tidy and neat as possible, especially on mobile devices and smartphones.


Mobile Friendly

In 2015 there were more than 7 billion subscriptions via cell phones. These figures have pushed companies to create logos that are optimized for mobile devices. In 2016, we expect that even more companies will use such logos! So get ready to see logos that will decrease every time you scroll the page. Such logos will survive the transition from one device to another, without losing a drop of their beauty, regardless of the device you are using.


Overlapping elements

The main purpose of creating a logo is to effectively present your brand’s business to the audience. Whether it is the logo of the educational institution or of a sports team, it should be attractive and interesting. One of the best ways to make your logo interesting is to use overlapping design elements. Overlapping elements make your logo memorable due to a three-dimensional image and the dynamic connection. Designers will use this method in 2016 to give their logos depth and movement.


Simple is beautiful

Some things never change and simplicity is one of them. Experts have always said that when it comes to brand promotion, simple designs work best. In 2016 you should find a balance between your creativity and the potential of a logo to be well remembered.

Custom fonts

Custom font was a hit after Google revealed its new logo written in “Product Sans” sans serif font. More and more designers are trying to create a logo using a custom font. As a result, in 2016, the use of this design will be very common.


So what to expect in future?

We still can’t be completely sure of what trends will rule in 2016. It is clear, however, that creativity will dominate, regardless of the forms of its expression.

About the Author: Brian Jens is a freelancer, writer and moderator of designcontest.com. He is fond of upcoming trends, modern technologies, and, of course, web design along with analytics and predictions.

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