Whispers Through Time: An honest-to-goodness parenting expert book


Whispers Through Time

What’s an honest-to-goodness parenting expert book? I struggle to accept the parenting books written by experts who have never raised children. That’s always baffled me. Furthermore, many parenting expert books offer completely contradictory information or hard-core one-sided opinions. If a parenting method worked for one child, it will work for all kids, right? Think again.

Need Advice?

When I need parenting advice for my own family I usually speak to my mother who raised four children of her own. While I have many amazing and wonderful friends and colleagues, with one or two children, I find myself magically drawn to parents of larger offspring numbers.

For instance, my friend Darla has six children. Any time I have gone to her for advice it’s been grounded, sage and delightfully middle-ground.  Such is the case with L.R. Knost, author of Whispers Through Time. Her book is rooted in wisdom based on direct life experiences as a mother of six.

Simply put: I would more readily trust parenting advice from a mother of six over a so-called expert who attended grad classes to learn what it’s like to be a parent. Real life experiences make all the difference in any field of work or study. I will note that I also more readily trust those who have worked with or around children for many years such as teachers, child therapists, family psychologists, etc. When chatting with these folks it’s usually apparent that they understand how children function and they have seen the end result of poor parenting time and time again. These people make great conversation companions when you want to know, “What should I NOT be doing?”

So what makes Whispers Through Time a worthwhile book? That’s easy: the advice is real, relevant, tried and tested. It comes from a mother of six children with a degree in ‘the school of life.’ You’ll find simple and clear tips that are non intimidating, heartfelt, and genuine. You won’t close the book thinking, “I can’t do this. It’s just too much. I’ll never measure up.”

Have a peek:

From Baby to Teen

From babies to teens, L.R. Knost offers insights and tidbits to help with your parenting journey. I was especially interested in the teen section, as my eldest son is now a teenager. On page 92 there’s a list: “Here are some of the messages I am intentionally writing into my children’s future.” There are 27 items on the list. I had my teen read through them and I asked him, “Which tip is your favorite?” He told me:

“Build on your strengths, and guard against your weaknesses. Awareness is half the battle.”

That was not my own favorite tip so it was helpful to see what he focused in on. Now, I can be more in tune with his needs and perhaps assist him in new ways, as he requests additional autonomy and independence. Knowing what matters to him offers me a small glimpse inside his mind and will hopefully assist me in being a better parent.

Who is L.R. Knost?

Knost describes herself as a babywearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping homeschooling mom. Her children are a twenty-five-year-old pastor and married father of two, a twenty-three-year-old married family therapist working on an advanced degree, an eighteen-year-old university pre-med student on scholarship, thirteen and six year old homeschooled girls and one toddler.

Whew. That takes effort and intention, no doubt about it.

L.R. Knost does not refer to herself as a parenting expert. Life has simply made her one.


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*I received a copy of Whispers Through Time for review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.


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