August 15, 2009

The Pink Locker Society: By Debra Moffitt (

*Review by Shara Lawrence-Weiss, owner of Mommy Perks and Personal Child Stories

I met Debra on twitter…the usual meeting place these days 🙂 I noticed right away that she writes for; a favorite web site of mine. I often quote the site in my Mommy Perks and Personal Child Stories newsletters. We wrote a few notes to each other and Debra kindly offered to send me two free Kid’s Health t-shirts (seeing as I am one of their Educational Groupies and all).

In the t-shirt package she included a copy of her book: The Pink Locker Society. I proceeded to read it.

Ooohhh…girls, boobs, bras, periods. Got it. I handed it to my husband, jokingly, and asked if he’d like to read it before me. “Umm. No. Maybe some other time, though.” LOL

We have a 2.5 year old daughter so I figured I would read the book and be prepared for what’s to come. Why not educate myself early rather than later, right?

As I read, I felt pulled into a world of middle school girls – “As if!” and “Whatever!” type phrases adorned the pages. While I, myself, am long past those days, I certainly remember them nonetheless. When I had entered the 6th grade a girl in my older sister’s class had taken it upon herself to talk to me about periods. She informed me that many girls start at the age of 9 and that girls bleed for 9 months out of the year, non stop. She left me in tears, cursing God for having made me a GIRL.

My mother set things straight that evening, however, I think it would have been better had she spoken to me *before* someone else did. As a result…I plan to speak to my own daughter at an earlier age so that her information does not come from an ill informed whistle blower.

I can also tell you this much: If a web site like this had been available  back when I was a young girl, I would have utilized their services on a regular basis.

  • Am I allowed to dye my hair?
  • When will I get a bra?
  • When will my period start and what does it mean to have one?
  • What about boys?
  • My best friend is being mean – what can I do?

The very existence  of this site and ‘secret society’ is fantabulous. Girls can read the book (hopefully along with their mothers and even their fathers or grandparents, etc), join the club online, ask questions and receive confidential answers, check out recipes, make crafts and more. What a terrific service, book, concept – the whole nine yards.

Kudos, Debra Moffit and The Pink Locker Society.


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