The Biggest and Brightest Light: review and giveaway (3 winners)


By Marilyn Perlyn | Illustrated by Amanda Perlyn | Forward by Muhammad Ali

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Filled with splendid illustrations and inspirational ideas for children, this heartwarming true story will give children a real understanding of the feelings that come from giving.

My Review:

When I opened the book I saw that Marilyn had written a note to my three children. We had chatted over the phone and she must have written my kid’s name down, after asking about them. How nice!

As many of you know, I collaborate with Wendy from Kidlutions, reviewing products that focus on social-emotional development. Although this book was not submitted for the award, it reminded me of the very products we give the awards for.

The Biggest and Brightest Light is a lovely true story about caring, sharing, kindness and giving.

This book would make a wonderful addition to any home, day care center, library, preschool or teaching facility. We know from studies that many young children are lacking in empathy-teachings at home, during early childhood. The schools attempt to pick up this slack with Character Programs but boy – wouldn’t the world be so much kinder and happier if empathy were taught in homes, right from the start? It would sure save us a great deal of sorrow and bitterness later on. Books like this one should be a part of every home and early intervention program!

After reading this story, Marilyn suggests:

“It’s fun to read it and then have an activity planned to follow up like making a card for someone they love or baking or decorating cookies or cupcakes to give to someone special.”

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