Obnoxious brag moment (I could close my book business now and be okay, yep)

As many of you know, if you know me well, I very selectively promote my book business on here. My clients come first and I consider my book business a ‘secondary’ promotion; or a fill-in when something else falls through. I plug my books now and again but the posts/mentions are few and far between.

Today the tide is turning. Take a deep breath and go with it.


About a year ago I made my daughter a book titled, “We love you…Just the way you are!” She loves this book and quickly memorized most of it (by age 2.5). The text was written in direct correlation to the images, thereby offering a very simple memory recall story line. She sees the photos and immediately remembers the words below, based on the images first…the text second. This is why research indicates that photo learning (especially personalized photos) can be far more effective than clip art learning, etc. The emotional attachment is stronger which allows for faster memory recall, deeper connections and so on.

Side Note: You can watch my daughter read (sort of) her book on YouTube at age 2.5. She is now almost four and has the book totally memorized.

{You can also view my “Do you love me in a box?” post (cracks me up every time I see that photo).}

Now – here’s the super cool part. Today, I got mad at my daughter for saying something inappropriate (that’s not the cool part, no). It’s a line her older brother taught her and we often say, “Please stop saying that. It’s not nice. Your brother thought he was being funny but he was naughty to teach you that. You need to use nice words.” We thought we had broken her of this silly saying but low and behold, today she said it AGAIN. I got pissed. “Okay! I’m done! I am sick and tired of that saying and you need to STOP! Do you understand me!?”

She began to cry. She said, “Please don’t make me sad, mommy. Don’t be mad at me, okay? Don’t be mad.”

I then felt awful, of course, and went over to hug her. I told her that everything was fine.

An hour or so later, she walked over to me and whispered, “Let’s go and read my Just the way you are book. Then I’ll know that everything is fine and I won’t be sad ANYMORE.”

Oh. My. Goodness. Do you know what that means?! In short, it means that the book has become a self esteem tool, a social emotional attachment product (which I did win the award for with Kidlutions, yes) and a source of comfort. She believes that I love her at all times, no matter what, and when the book is read, she is reassured that even when I’m ticked off – I still love her.

Dude. That is what I set out to prove (in so many words) when I founded my business in 2007. I knew that when used on a regular basis, the Behavior Books could render this result. I don’t have a PhD, online masters degree or even a degree (yet). What I do know is what I’ve learned from 23+ years of working with kids, 16+ years of nanny work and mothering three kids of my own. I wanted my books to be written in hopes of helping children to feel strong, loved and capable; to offer them a personalized and individualized self esteem tool that would benefit them not only in childhood but into adulthood. Books that feature their own faces and the faces and emotions of family members/pets/loved ones, along with personalized text, that assures them: “You are loved and cared for. You are unique and special. You are strong and capable of caring about others – and yourself.” Books, that when read on a regular basis, can become a simple basis for self esteem boosting.

I’m crying right now. You can’t see it but I am.

Whew. Okay – suck it up Shara. Suck it up.

No worries – my blatant brag moment is now done. Feel free to vomit just a bit inside your own mouth, if needed. I think I did.

I’m totally jazzed, though. Gotta tell you. I could close shop now and feel pretty darn content with my life journey. I already have Christmas orders, though, so I guess that idea is a bad one.

Thanks for reading and for allowing me to share.


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