November 6, 2014

Hungry Feelings Not Hungry Tummy: Investigate, Understand, Translate and Transform Your Child’s Behavior

Hungry Feelings Book CoverHungry Feelings Not Hungry Tummy: Investigate, Understand, Translate and Transform Your Child’s Behavior

Do you struggle, as a parent, to moderate the food your child eats? Do you worry that your child is overeating or indulging in too many sweets? Does your child’s behavior seem unmanageable? Many times we eat (or feed our children) for emotional reasons rather than for true physical need. Our children watch and mimic our behaviors; even when we unintentionally model poor choices.

Ava Parnass, Child Therapist, has a new book titled “Behavior Detective Investigates Hungry Feelings -not- Hungry Tummy.”

This book is fun and engaging, full of helpful tips and insights. Ava offers advice including role play tips, effective wording to use with your child(ren) when discussing feelings and/or food, a Feelings Town Map, how to modify behavior through proper food choices, and more. With a background in education and early childhood I have read my share of parenting books, most of which repeat the same data time and time again (or worse, they offer ridiculous ideas that have not been tested long-term). Very few parenting books provide down-to-the-point tried and true parenting tips from an expert in the field. Ava knows her subject matter well, through years of hands-on experience and training. Her tips are concise and effective and will render long-term results if faithfully put into practice.

Ava is an advocate of healthy living and eating. She encourages parents to feed their children healthy foods and drinks while limiting (if not deleting) sugar intake. Ava discusses the link between emotional eating and obesity and warns parents of the risk we take by passing that over from one generation to the next. In this book you will gain a deeper understanding of your own emotional eating habits, the need for exercise and play, how to make wise food choices through self talk and a renewing of the mind (for both you and your children), and much more.

Ava Shares:

“I wrote this book to help increase the momentum of parents moving toward positive parenting, instead of punishment or time outs. I also waned to help parents understand in more detail how emotional intelligence (i.e. teaching kids how they feel) can prevent future pathology. Research and experience has shown that it’s much easier to build up a child than to fix an adult. Kids are not born knowing how they feel; they need to be taught!”

Ava ParnassAbout Ava: Ms. Parnass is an active member of 411 Voices. Ava earned her Masters Degree at Columbia University. Prior to launching her writing career and private practice, she worked at New York Hospital-Cornell in the child psychiatry department as a Family Therapy Supervisor. Ava (a.k.a. “The Kid Whisperer”) is an author, songwriter and child therapist who specializes in marrying entertainment and social-emotional literacy for kids. Ms. Parnass helps children investigate their feelings through playing, talking, listening, reading, singing, and dancing. Her multi-media materials, books and songs encourage parents and kids to read and sing along. Ms. Parnass has a sub-specialty in the connection between emotional issues and childhood obesity. Ava can help your family learn the difference between Hungry Feelings and Hungry Tummy, because Healthy Feelings = Healthy Eating = Healthy Behavior. Parents use her materials to discover and practice techniques of prevention rather than intervention. Follow Ava Parnass on Twitter.

*Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this review. A copy of Hungry Feelings Not Hungry Tummy was shipped to me for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.


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