December 13, 2016

Holiday Devotional for Advent and Christmas: “…And The Word Became Flesh…”

Janet Lyso, author of “…And The Word Became Flesh…”, shares:

Many say “Jesus is the Reason for the Season,” to which I offer this thought: No! God had his plan to send his son “in the fullness of time” because we are the reason for the season! It is because of us in any season of life that he came to live and dwell among us and offer himself and give hope to a dying world. If the reader doesn’t believe in “that stuff,” but you are curious to learn, good! Start by reading God’s word with all the strange-sounding names and pick up on the thread of destiny that belongs to all of us, from birth to death to new life.

As a self-proclaimed missionary at large, Lyso decided to write And the Word Became Flesh for all walks of life specifically geared towards the season of Christmas and the weeks of Advent. Instead of giving readers what they always want to hear, her perspective sheds light on the old story in a different way.

Janet states: “We need to personally let the Word of God work in our lives and that only comes through letting the Holy Spirit do just that. Our own efforts are in vain, for that is what we rely on when we are simply making ourselves into gods.”

And the Word Became Flesh is a book that exhibits God’s work in believer’s hearts and gives Lyso a platform to share thoughts about the birth of Christ and how we may be changed by the good news of His coming.

“We have no clue what God is up to in our hearts,” Janet believes. “So hopefully through this book many will be encouraged to let God work in their lives.”

From the book, the Thirteenth Day of Advent:

Isaiah 11: All of it. Let the strange sounding names roll off your tongues.

The Advent of our God shall be our theme for prayer; come let us meet him on the road and a place for him prepare. (LBW 22, verse 1)

The agony in the darkness – the wait – the hope.

Think on verse 9: The tree of life in Eden is where sin created disharmony. Then in Isaiah 35:5-10, the wonderful passage says, “Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened and the ears of the deaf unstopped.” Paradise lost will be restored!

Is this some other then, some other there? Or do we see ourselves in our own circumstances as God’s people serving self, not recognizing why we’re here, what we’re about?

God, be in my heart, heart, and hands and help me to understand who you are, why you came, and Whose I am! Amen.

On the final page, the devotional ends with this thought:

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus, travel through a new year with us and give us grace and courage to remain faithful in our calling to be a people, set apart as your people, yet fully active in your world where people are hungry for the good news and that calling translates into living with God in one ear and the neighbor in the other. Amen.

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About Janet Lyso | Janet Margaret Lyso, child of God, was born in Easton, Pennsylvania, and in her teen years, raised in Savannah, Georgia. Married to a South Dakotan, she has resided in that state for most of her adult life. She lived with her now-deceased husband, a medical doctor in Yankton, South Dakota, for forty years and then moved to Sioux Falls. She is mother to four children, with six grandchildren and two great-grands, and is the honorary bestemor (grandmother) to two children born in Ethiopia and living in Trondheim, Norway, both members of the Lyso family. A lifelong learner, she claims that words in her head clash with one another, argue with one another, and emerge, sometimes dancing a jig in the process. She is published in two small devotionals, Christ in our Home and The Word in Season, by Augsburg Publishing House. An inveterate student of the Bible and human nature, she claims her calling to be a member of the scribbling arts to encourage the study of God’s Word in the Bible.

*I received a copy of the book for the purpose of reviewing the contents.


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