We currently have a pop-up video on our site featuring animated characters, talking about what Mommy Perks has to offer. Here’s a little background on the video:

We enlisted fellow 411 Voices member Dara Blaker to do the voice over ad. Dara has a background in radio and did a terrific job. Thanks, Dara!

If you’d like to hire Dara to create a voice over for you, you can learn more about her here: 411 Voices

Next, I (Shara) attempted to create an animated video to go along with Dara’s voice over. This was all new to me and I became a little frustrated, six hours into it. My pal Ava Parnass told me that her 10 year old daughter Rebecca was starting to create videos and she offered to help me. The next day, Rebecca was finished and I had my video.

Thanks, Rebecca!

If you’d like to hire Rebecca to create a video for your business, site or blog, you can learn more about her here: Rebecca’s World.

Check out one of Rebecca’s latest creations:


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